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With a huge number of years of experience in bespoke Polyurethane flooring in Kent. We at Crescent Industrial Flooring are leaders in the design, application and maintenance of this kind of flooring installation. If you’ve been looking for a specialist who can deliver precision and exceptional customer satisfaction, then you need to look no further than us, as we have the knowledge, skills and range of services to help. We are based in Erith, Kent and work nationwide, designing and applying specialist flooring solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial clients and are a valued and trusted partner for many businesses and contractors. So if you’ve been looking for a specialist in Polyurethane flooring in Kent, you could have found the solution you’ve been looking for. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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    What is Polyurethane Flooring?

    Polyurethane flooring is a seamless flooring type made from layers of flexible polyurethane resin and installed directly onto a primed substrate or a resilient rubber underlay. As an alternative to epoxy resin flooring, the popularity of Polyurethane flooring has risen in recent years. They are a  popular choice of flooring finish that can commonly be found in many public areas including schools, hospitals and health centres, as well as a huge number of retail and commercial environments. Due to its higher levels of flexibility and increased levels of hygiene that it provides to premises, we recommend Polyurethane flooring for a variety of commercial and industrial settings.

    The most common forms of polyurethane flooring are:

    Roller and squeegee applied floor coatings

    Clear coats to protect surfaces from scratching

    Varnishes for wooden floors

    Thicker floors are applied with a trowel at a thickness of 2-3 mm

    Cement-based polyurethane floors are often applied at thicknesses up to 1cm

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    What Are the Benefits of Polyurethane Flooring?

    Our Polyurethane flooring application in Kent comes with a huge number of benefits. Many of which we have seen our customers enjoy time and time again…

    • High Chemical Resistance Polyurethane flooring is proven to resist damage from solvents, alkalis, sources of corrosion, lactic acid and other damaging toxins.
    • Resistant to UV Light Polyurethane is known to be safe from harmful UV sunlight and is resistant to the unattractive yellowing that can occur on other flooring types due to exposure.
    • Humidity & Heat Tolerant Polyurethane holds up well to humidity and moisture and, as it is more flexible, it won’t buckle or be manipulated under temperature fluctuations.
    • Versatile Finishes Polyurethane flooring comes in many different finishes including satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss. So, depending on the finish you wish to achieve, Polyurethane can deliver.
    • Noise Reduction This type of flooring is proven to reduce noise transmission caused by heavy footfall, meaning that it is fantastic at impact sound reduction.

    If you’ve been looking for specialists in resin bound driveways, then look no further than Crescent Industrial Flooring. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today to see how we can help!

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    We are specialists in designing, installing, cleaning and maintaining industrial flooring. Whether you require a comfortable but easy to clean surface for a cafeteria or a hard wearing and durable floor for a warehouse or processing plant, we have the experience and skills required.