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Crescent Industrial Flooring are proud to specialise in design, installation, and maintenance of commercial flooring in the South East for an array of contractors. Our reliable flooring specialists understand how important it is to have the right flooring for your business needs, with a high-quality installation and aftercare service included. We provide a wide range of flooring which is appropriate for commercial flooring and can advise on the most suitable type of material for your commercial requirements. Meaning not only is your commercial flooring made to last, but each installation is tailored to your needs!
Whether you’re looking for installation of commercial flooring or need expert advice on commercial flooring maintenance, our trustworthy team has the right expertise to guide you. We offer a FREE no-obligation quote and offer competitive rates at incredible value, so please give our professional team a call to find out more information on commercial flooring in Kent.

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    Who is Crescent Industrial Flooring?

    We are based in Erith, Kent and are a valued and trusted partner for many. Our experienced team at Crescent Industrial Flooring routinely work with an array of different commercial contractors in Kent for commercial floor maintenance and installation. Our location means we are ideally located for commercial flooring in the South East.
    Due to our comprehensive range of services, we can guide you through the process from start to finish – always aiming to exceed expectations. Our expertise in commercial flooring ensures all work is completed in a timely fashion and is a cost-effective decision. Crescent Industrial Flooring are here to make sure that you make the right decision when selecting and maintaining your commercial flooring in Kent.

    If you wish to discuss your commercial flooring further, whether as a part of a rebuild, remodelling or an upgrade to existing facilities, please call to speak to a member of our specialist team today!

    What preparation will you require for your commercial flooring in Kent?

    Floor preparation is integral to the longevity of your commercial flooring. Not only does it create a safe base for your flooring, but it will increase the resilience of your commercial flooring. The floor preparation you will need, will differ depending on the flooring you opt for. As commercial flooring is our speciality, we will ensure we deliver a thorough assessment beforehand to ensure you have the most suitable foundation for your new commercial flooring.

    Rapid Dry Floor Screeding

    Rapid Dry Screed enhances your structural integrity. It is comprised of a thin layer application over a base floor to ensure a strong foundation for your flooring. Due to its quick application, if you have a tight deadline this could be the ideal option for you.

    Why choose Rapid Dry Screeding for your commercial flooring preparation?

    • Our quickest application
    • Suitable for a variety of surfaces
    • Seamless flooring
    • Resilient flooring
    • Increased safety
    • Available in many finishes

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    Are you looking for Comfort Resin Commercial Flooring in Kent?

    Comfort Resin Commercial flooring is comprised of layers of flexible polyurethane resin which are installed directly onto a primed substrate or a resilient rubber underlay. It is a popular choice of uniform flooring which can withstand different pressures and impact. Therefore, it is a versatile and wear-resistant choice for commercial flooring.

    Due to Comfit Resin Commercial Flooring being a seamless flooring type – which is available in many different finishes, it is a hygienic option for commercial flooring. The smooth resistant finish makes it a smart choice due to its easy maintenance. Plus, our Comfort Resin Commercial Flooring is proven to reduce noise transmission caused by heavy footfall and has non-slip properties which will increase the safety. As such, we would recommend comfort resin floors for a variety of commercial settings.

    Why is Comfort Resin Commercial Flooring our most popular flooring choice?

    • Seamless flooring
    • Increased safety
    • Resilient flooring
    • Easy maintenance
    • Noise reduction
    • Quick application on a variety of surfaces
    • Available in many finishes
    • Large coverage applicationChoosing our Comfort Resin Commercial flooring will ensure your flooring will be wear-resistant and extremely long-lasting. Please note, we do offer other commercial flooring options, so please call our professional team to discuss further.
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    How can I maintain my commercial flooring in Kent?

    Inevitably your commercial flooring will incur wear and tear over time, so it is important to ensure you keep to a maintenance schedule to ensure your commercial flooring lasts for its maximum duration. Deviating from your maintenance schedule could cause your commercial flooring to become unsafe and potentially incur further damage.

    Here at Crescent Industrial Flooring, we provide heavy-duty cleaning as part of our aftercare service for your commercial flooring in Kent. With our expertise in commercial flooring, we can ensure your flooring retains its high quality. Please call to arrange your FREE no-obligation quote today!
    Why choose us for your commercial Flooring in Kent?


    We guarantee that our expert team will install and maintain the commercial flooring which suits your exact requirements. Our reliable team are always on hand, so please call us today to arrange your FREE no-obligation quote!

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    We are specialists in designing, installing, cleaning and maintaining industrial flooring. Whether you require a comfortable but easy to clean surface for a cafeteria or a hard wearing and durable floor for a warehouse or processing plant, we have the experience and skills required.